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Fishing Pools

Fishing Pools: Sale

Fishing Information - UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT

New Manager, please contact directly for more information. 

Cesario Sousa - 07341935924 or email


1-Fishing is only permitted once pre-booked via Facebook or text message (@courtfarmtillingtonlake)

2-Anyone found to not comply with the rules will be asked to leave or banned where appropriate

3-Abuse to any member of the fishery staff will not be tolerated

4-All anglers must use landings net/unhooking mat, and dipped with the water of the lake before fishing (both night and day fishing)

5-No cars permitted around the lake, they must be parked in the designated areas. We will provide wheelbarrows to take all of your tackle to the peg.  The wheelbarrows must be returned to the car park area ASAP and locked. The code of the barrow will reflect the gate code

6-Only 2 persons maximum allowed on each peg

7-Strictly no BBQs allowed on the grass

8-Please use the bins provided for all litter. Do not leave any litter on the ground, including cigarette butts

9-Safety rigs only (no fixed leads)

10-No rods to be left unattended

11-Please ensure the gate is locked at all times. The code will be provided to you when you book. The code will be changed daily.

Facebook @courtfarmtillingtonlake

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